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A Thank You From Our Teachers
The Travis faculty would like the PTA to know how deeply touched we are by the expressions of gratitude and support sent to us during Teacher Appreciation Week. Words cannot express the satisfaction we all feel from the affirmations we received. Thank you for making the week special and memorable for each and every one of us. We also want to shout about our excitement over this year's auction. Every year it has gotten better and better. We appreciate all the years of hard work that have made the auction such a splendid event. Thank you for working for Travis' continued success.

And, A BIG thank you to these PTA Board Members for years of service to Travis:
Alissa Eason (4 years of service on PTA Board---2 as President-- and she is not retiring!)
Marci DeBock (3 years on the Board)
Tony Freemantle (2 years as SDMC Representative)
Margaret Goldberg (2 years as Treasurer)
Polly McAleavy (2 years on the PTA Board)
Bernie Carpenter (2 years on the PTA Board)
Margaret Garcia (1 1/2 years as Secretary)

Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. McAleavy were awarded the distinguished "PTA Life Membership Award" and a lovely mosaic from Mrs. Coleman's art class for their commitment to Travis and the PTA. We will miss you both and wish you the best.

Second Grade Garage Sale
Together we made it happen! Thanks for the combined effort from second grade and first grade parents as well as generous donations from Mrs. Clingan, Nurse Evans, Travis PTA, 2nd grade alumni parents and many others. We to ’pped our last year's total of $1,300. A special thanks to Janis Dean and all the hard working parents on her team of garage sale volunteers.

1999 - 2000 HISD Schedule
Major holidays during the next school year are already scheduled:
Thanksgiving November 24 - 28
Winter Holidays December 17 - Jan. 1
Spring Break March 10 - 19

If you are planning to travel during these holidays please be sure to schedule your itinerary so that no school time is missed. Travis’ efforts to gain “Exemplary Status” depends on full attendance from all students.

Early Dismissal
Next Year The early dismissal schedule for next year will be announced soon. Look for a flyer in your child's school papers before the end of the week.

A very special thank you to Karen Pernell for all of her wonderful work and dedication on this newsletter. Thanks a million! - Polly McAleavy and everyone else who loves this newsletter

Have a safe and enjoyable summer! See you on August 16th!


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