The outdoor classroom at Travis Elementary School is dedicated to the memory of Mary Jo Klosterman, who died in a plan crash in 1994.

Mary Jo Klosterman was 39 when she died in a plane crash in 1994, leaving behind a young family and a grieving community that she had worked hard to improve.  The outdoor classroom is dedicated in her honor at Travis Elementary School, where she was a parent and tireless volunteer.  The classroom was inspired by a remark Klosterman made years ago, that "all you really needed for a good education was to sit under a tree with a good teacher and some paper and pencils."

A young live oak tree stands in one corner of the outdoor classroom.  A variety of rocks and boulders dot the area.  Klosterman, a geologist, visited the second grade twice a year to teach the children about rocks.  While her children were still in Pre-School, Klosterman started the "Friends of Travis" to support and build a strong neighborhood school.  She wrote and received grants and played an important role in rehabilitating the school's playground.  She had a great influence on the school
Landscape architect Scott Slaney, designer of the Travis SPARK Park also designed the outdoor classroom.  A seating area resembles the cross-section of a nautilus shell.  Large rocks range from West Texas boulders and moss boulders to driftwood boulders, American Beauty granite and a Black Star boulder.  Also included are two small ponds and 400-plus plants, including southern wax myrtles, purple fountain grass, butterfly ginger, fig ivy and sago palm.

Installed with the hard work of parents, students and Travis staff, the outdoor classroom accommodates five classes and is used for cross-grade activities, speakers, drama activities and other functions. Informally, it serves as a gathering place for parents and students before and after school.