"Travis School, one of the best built and most modern of Houston's fine system of public schools, is located in Woodland Heights, and was erected during 1908-09.  It's unusually large playgrounds, covering an entire block, were donated to the city for the purpose.  It is an eight-room brick building, constructed in such a manner as to allow the addition of extra rooms as they are needed."*  

In 1903, Beauchamp Springs School changed its name to William B. Travis Elementary School.  In 1909, a three-story building with 12 classrooms was opened and in 1914, six additional classrooms were added.  In 1926, a two story building with 12 classrooms, an auditorium and a cafeteria was opened.

* From "Woodland Heights" a brochure from the William A. Wilson Realty Company, Houston, Texas 1910.

East front view of Travis School.  All students gathered at the front of the school each morning to raise the flag and recite opening exercises.

West front view of Travis School.  A fire escape at the back of the school was also a great sliding board after school hours.

Manual Training Department, Travis School.  The boys made simple woodworking projects, such as pictures frames and little tables. 

Prof. F.M. Black Principal of Travis School 1910-1935 

Domestic Science Department, Travis School.  
The girls boiled water, made biscuits, and fried bacon. 

This wide, graceful stairway welcomed all who entered Travis. 

1928 Travis School third grade class.




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