Ancillary programs are an important part of the educational curriculum at Travis. All Travis students participate in four different ancillary programs as part of their educational experience.  Each program is taught by a qualified full time faculty member. 
Teacher:  Katie Coleman

Mrs. Katie Coleman's art classes focus on the essential elements of art; line, shape, color, texture, and are introduced at every grade level.  Design elements that are studied include symmetry, pattern, contrast, and harmony.  Many of these concepts cross over into other areas of the curriculum (math and science, for example) and these relationships are stressed.

All grades learn about and experiment with a variety of media, creating several examples of painting, drawing, collage, printing, and sculpture.  Students are expected to learn a basic art vocabulary and often have class discussions about works by known artists.  Students are also expected to know the difference between still-life, landscape, portraits, and abstract artworks by the time they're in fifth grade.

Using and developing fine motor skills is an important goal -- kindergartners are learning to use scissors and write their alphabet while fifth graders may want to draw more from observation, using a knowledge of overlapping shapes and perspective.

It is Mrs. Coleman's philosophy that all art projects should be open-ended, allowing each child to interpret the project in their own way.  Critical thinking skills are challenged as students experiment with art materials, ideas, and processes.  Children show a natural curiosity and strong intuition about works of art and these ideas and insights are expressed freely in the Art Room.

Teacher:  Mary Tiras

Classes are one period each week to teach movement, expression, rhythm, and use of body in space. "Children need to be aware of themselves as growing and changing beings.  Dance and movement play an important part in building this self-awareness and self-direction.  It has been proven that free large body movements set the brain in motion and increase children's ability to concentrate on "mental" subjects.  Remember, minds and spirits will improve, when bodies are allowed to move, move, MOVE!"

Teacher: Robert Neyra

Teacher:  Melba McCollum

Students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades enjoy their music classes in the Keyboard Lab where they share a piano keyboard that is networked with the Music teacher's master console. Each student wears headsets to mute noise from their partner and others. This hands-on learning exposes students to a musical instrument and basic knowledge of reading music, i.e., scale, time, notes, staff, rest, etc.

Teacher:  Brian Robertson

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Students meet 45 minutes each week for a combination of physical exercise and a variety of ball sports.  The school's unusually large playground incorporates a basketball court, recessed baseball field, walking track and two play structures.



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