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To prepare our students for the 21st century, attention is paid to learning styles, multiple intelligence's, personality decision-making styles, and developmentally appropriate practices in the planning and in the delivery of an integrated, creative, and problem-solving oriented curriculum. Travis students benefit from interdisciplinary instruction in units with broad-based themes planned by grade level teams.  The whole language approach is used for instruction in reading, spelling, and writing.


The Travis educational team provides a child-centered environment through a variety of innovative programs serving a diverse student population.   Teachers foster student confidence in a safe and caring environment as they prepare children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Staff development activities are on-going and teacher-generated, creating a community of learners in which all model their commitment to personal and collegial growth.  The school community is united in maximizing the resources available to families as they become active participants in their children's education through parent teaching programs, fundraising, and school business partnerships.

Manipulatives are used for understanding number concepts. A problem-solving approach to math is taught. Collaborative problem-solving is also implemented in the Science and Social Studies curriculum. A garden science center enriches and provides valuable hands on learning.  Ancillary Programs Students also benefit from instruction in Art, Physical Education, Music, Computer Technology and Library. Students experiment with nature and participate in other outdoor activities in our school garden. Throughout the year, many Young Audiences programs are planned.  Field Studies Many and varied field studies are enjoyed throughout the year. They culminate in an end-of-year all-school trip to Challenger Seven Park. This is an opportunity for our parents, staff and teachers to share their time and talents to create a day of celebrating learning through various science centers.

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An accelerated and enriched curriculum is provided for students identified as potentially gifted and talented in intellectual ability, creativity, or leadership. This challenging and differentiated curriculum is designed to meet the special needs of these students. Admission into the program is based on superior achievement on standardized achievement and abilities tests, academic grades and developmental inventories.

The Vanguard curriculum is enriched by specialists in Spanish and Creative Movement. All students are given the opportunity to participate in creative problem solving enrichment activities such as Future Problem Solving, Odyssey of the Mind, Number Sense, Texas Institute for Arts in Education, Writer through Notebooks, and PTA Reflections contest.

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